My Goddess Salt Scrub Recipe

This recipe is my absolute favorite! I use it in my shower every day, and even use it on my face. It leaves my skin feeling soft and radiant while also smelling great! Plus it keeps the mosquitoes away, and when you’re living in paradise, that’s really important!

Base Ingredients

  • Fine sea salt – 3/4 of the jar
  • Olive oil – pour over until it covers half the salt
  • Avocado oil – pour in to cover the remaining salt
  • Essential oils

My Essential Oil Blend

The proportions depend on the potency of your oils. Patchouli is pretty strong, so I use as little as possible. I only need about 4-5 drops to keep the mosquitoes away, but then I double up on my floral scents to balance it out. Sandalwood is a great compliment to patchouly!

With citronella, I would begin with only a couple of drops (2). It is has a very potent smell and can be irritating to the skin in large quantities. This is definitely a “season to taste” endeavor! Then add in the other scents depending on what you like!

This is my personal blend, but you can make it your own!

  • Citronella (2)
  • Patchouli (4)
  • Sandalwood (5)
  • Jasmine (7)
  • Ylang-Ylang (7)
  • Lavender (5)
  • Mandarin (5)

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